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If you could describe what you are passionate about, what would it be?  What would you tell someone about your passion?  Would you give them the details of how you came to be in love with it, tell that one story about how once you finally got involved you were hooked.  That feeling that you had that you knew you could never go back to life before you felt this kind of passion and excitement.  


This is the beginning of how we talk about our faith.  Our faith should be something that we are passionate about.  It should be something that we want to place on the lamp-stand in the middle of the room, to not only give light to the room but to everyone who enters.  Everyone who enters the house should notice the light shining brightly on the lamp-stand and have their lives illumined by it.  


Why do you feel the need to hide your faith, if you aren't putting out there to illumine the whole room?  What has happened?  Isn't it time then that you take back what your faith means to you!?  Seriously, if your faith is not something you are willing to share it with others, what good is it doing?  You're hogging the blankets and preventing others from enjoying the warmth under the blanket or the benefit of seeing. Seeing the love given to us by God through Jesus.  


If you aren't passionate about your faith, what would it take to get you passionate about it?  What would it take for you to WANT to put it in the lamp-stand so that it can shine brightly for you and for the WHOLE room? 


I encourage you to shine brightly.  Let the light of Christ shine out of you for all to see.  Let Christ light up not just the room, but the whole dang house! 


Grace and peace to you always,

Pastor Lindsey

December 18, 2017


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