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Every so often, God speaks to us in different ways to get his message of love and sharing to once again sink into our souls. Within the past few weeks, we were contacted by a gentleman (Joe) stating that he and his small group of men were on their way back from their annual visit to the Seven Oaks Training Center in Bangor, Maine and asked if they could spend a night on our church lawn as they traveled by motorcycle to their homes in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  On further inquiry, we learned a great deal about the mission they were on and welcomed them for the evening of Friday, September 6th.


These three men (Joe, Jerry and Andrew) along with Jerry's young son (JT) had participated in a Seven Oaks event over 3-4 days sponsored by Calvary Baptist Church in Bangor, Maine. What is Seven Oaks and how did these men come by our small church? That became the discussion at the Presbyterian Men's Breakfast held Saturday morning (9/7/2013).


Jerry introduced his fellow riders and himself  as reclaimed lives from the destructive forces of addictions (alcohol and drugs) who have each taken a new path with Jesus Christ. This path turns them away from their addiction and through hard work, prayer and fellowship, saves themselves and their families.  Having been inspired by Seven Oaks (some four years ago), they re-visit the training center each year around Labor Day by driving their motorcycles from home to Bangor, stopping along the way at welcoming churches to rest. Jerry spoke of his personal addiction to alcohol and how it was destroying his and his families lives and how Seven Oaks had made such a profound change on him.  ( Seven Oaks has a 63% success rate with its attendees)


We enjoyed breakfast and conversation together and then wished them safe travel home. And yes, we welcomed them back if their travel came through our area next year. We thanked them for their military service (Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan...) and as they drove off, all of us felt that we had been blessed to meet them. One of the Hymns in today's service seemed to sum up the message of their visit " Have Thine own way, Lord!  Have Thine own way! Wounded and weary, Help me, I pray! Power all power Surely is Thine! Touch me and heal me, Saviour divine"


Below are a few pictures of the visit:


 Jerry, Andrew, Joe and Jerry's son JT


 We listened to Jerry tell their story.



 Jerry set his camera on timer and then on his helmet (on the ground) to get this shot of all of us



 Andrew, Joe, Jerry and JT (and some really cool motorcycles guys)



 And then one...



 by one...



 by one, they drove off to North Carolina - safe journey



May 31, 2020


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