Bob & Phyllis Lukens Wedding

The Countdown has ended!

The Day has arrived!

Our Newlyweds have taken their vows and begun their lives together as Husband and Wife.

At the Kirk, we are all proud to announce Mr. & Mrs. Bob Lukens and offer this 21 picture salute to their special day!


 The Kirk Sanctuary was ready for the grand event!

 Preparations were complete and the music was well practiced!



 The happy couple's Chariot awaited!



 Pastor Donn welcomed the nervous Groom.



The Bride was presented.



 And their love was evident to all as they exchanged their vows.



 The people watched from the right...



 and the left.



The songs of love were in the air.



The rings were exchanged.



And then "The Kiss"



Bob did not want to let her go!



Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Bob Lukens !!!!!!



Now let's gather and celebrate.




Precious comes in all sizes.....




The Greeting Line saw over 100 family and guests.



Are we fortunate to have our wonderful Pastor or what??



Time to climb aboard the Chariot....



and make our departure.....



Turn left Bob!    You have a new GPS as of today!!




May love be your constant companion.



October 19, 2019


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