Brief History

The Kirk O'Cliff Presbyterian Church was built in 1876 on a cliff on the north bank of the North Anna River between Louisa and Spotsylvania Counties.  The building was constructed of hand-made bricks because there was no suitable lumber nearby.  There were 13 original members, mostly coming from the Presbyterian Church in Fredericksburg.  The church continued to minister to a small congregation, however as the years passed, attendance dwindled.  By the turn of the century, death and changes in residency left so few of these members living near the church a decision was made to move the building.


In 1910, the church acquired the necessary real property for relocating the church.  The church was then dismantled and transported up the road to its present location, where, in 1911 the existing sanctuary was rebuilt using the original materials.  Although physically located in Spotsylvania County, the church is within easy reach of Louisa and Orange Counties.  The Kirk's congregation is made up of residents of each of the three counties.  Over the ensuing years the church acquired additional real property that permitted establishing a cemetery in 1989 and construction of a fellowship hall in 1991.  More recently (2003) the church obtained more land that will allow for expansion of existing facilities or construction of new facilities should it become necessary.


The Kirk has and continues to be a community oriented and caring church.  Response to most needs that are brought to the attention of the church has been generous and quick.  As the church continues to grow and our community expands, we will be called upon to consider various request for assistance.  The church has a structured program with its own budget line for community outreach in the counties of Orange, Spotsylvania and Louisa.  Also, the church helps individual and or families in immediate need. And, the church has opened the doors of the fellowship hall to a number of community organizations looking for a place to call home.


A detailed history of the Kirk can be found in two documents:  a booklet entitled "The First Hundred and Twenty-Five Years of Kirk O"Cliff Presbyterian Church" which covers the period 1876-2001, and a handout entitled "Historical Highlights Kirk O"Cliff Presbyterian Church 1876-2006".  Both documents provide a chronology of events affecting the church and are rich with stories of the people, the pastors and traditions of the Kirk.  A copy of the booklet and/or handout may be obtained by contacting the Clerk of Session.

October 28, 2020


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